Like all other natural phenomena rain is also common but the time and the place where the activity that is going on has been interrupted by the rain can be impactful especially when there is an activity going on between ongoing cricket match then it does not only create the problem for the player but it creates many problems for the person who has been placing the bet at one specific player or on a team without knowing the exact or accurate outcome of a match. At such times rain becomes one of the biggest problematic factors for the players and bettor.

Rule of the Rain

Before placing a bat you can try the rule of the rain to understand about the condition such as interruption of the rain. This method is called the DLS duckworth Lewis method. This is a formula that is based on calculation of mathematics so that you can adjust the targets that get affected in the matches that have a limit set for the overs during the rain. This method can help the second team who is going to do the  batting by providing the targets with the possibility of having more fair chances.


There can be different outcomes for a match because of two reasons. First season can be if a match get abandoned because of the interruption of the rain so the outcome of the match changes itself. Second reason is if the match continues and ends up with less overs on each side or on a specific side of the match then it makes people lose a bet that has been placed by them with their cricket betting id online in india before the match without knowing that an unpredictable rain can impact the overall outcome of the match.


Because of such sudden interruption of the rain the odds placement changes during the ongoing matches that create problems for the bettors who place bets with their online cricket satta id  because of the amazing placement of the odds before the match that could end up giving more benefit to the bettors.  So you need to monitor all the ores and the real time because of the changing condition of a match but these interruptions of the rain may create some batting opportunities of in- play batting so that you can make the adjustment according to the Dynamics of the players and accurate outcome of a match.


The condition of the pitch can be worse after the rain. Because of the rain the moisture can be increased in the ground that can create problems for the players while making grip for the bowler and while making runs for the best man and the fielders also. The players may have to face some physial injuries beacuse the condition of the pitch it can be slippery that make a playe fall down.


such condition can cause a serious injury to a player or  because of the rain there is a possibility of a player getting sick due to changes in the temperature. So each decision before placing a bet  with your online betting id provider need to recheck according the overall situations.